Why Is My Poop Green? Is It Bad?

Why is my poop green? - most people ask this question at least once in a lifetime. Next questions that inevitably come to mind are "Can it be colon cancer?", "Is that intoxication or something harmless?" or "What’s wrong with my colon?". Very often, these questions remain unanswered because discussing the subject is not easy, and people suffer in silence. Don’t be awkward about green poop issues or examining the poop floating in your toilet bowl. Defecating is a natural part of our daily life, like breathing or talking. Our bowel movements warn us our intestinal problems, help diagnose disorders and diseases timely, receive proper treatment and prevent severe complications, and sometimes even save life. At of course, it is critically important to know how to take good care of your colon to stay healthy and full of energy. So let’s take a closer look at the green poop problem.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Green poop is actually one of the symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). The green color is caused by bile, the substance produced by the liver which your body needs to digest and absorb fats and some vitamins. Bile also softens stool which facilitates its journey through the intestine and helps prevent constipations. Newly released bile is bright green, but normally, as it moves along your intestine and interacts with foods, salts and bacteria, it changes color. Bile remains green during its journey through the small intestine, changing through yellow to brown in the colon. That’s why normal, healthy stool is all shades of brown. IBS is frequently associated with increased bowel movement, which makes food pass your digestive system too fast. As a result, unconverted bile remains green, giving your poop that green color. Short colon transit time may be combined with diarrhea. Green bile - Green poop.

Infection Boosts Production of Green Poop

Green, runny poop may result form an infection which also causes short colon transit tine and diarrhea. As a rule, the problem disappears in a few days, just make sure you drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration and avoid dairy products until your digestion restores. However, if If your poop continues to be green and runny for over a week consult with your doctor!

Food Dyes Paint Poop Green

Foods containing artificial colorings. If you’ve been eating much food or drinks with green or blue dyes your poop may turn green, even neon green poop occurs in some people. It this case green poop is not a reason to get worried, on the one hand. On the other hand, you should note that artificial coloring, as well as flavors and other additives, are not healthy and are recommended to be avoided or substituted with natural options.

Beware of Green Poop in Kids from Non-Edible Stuff!

What if you kid asks, Mommy (Daddy), Why is my poop green? Ask immediately what he or she has been eating and look at the poop. Candies, ice-cream and other edible stuff with food dyes are ok, although not particularly healthy. The problem is that green poop in children often results from eating crayons or paints (kids are inclined to taste anything they find attractive!). So if you kid produced green poop after having green paints for lunch, it is highly recommended to contact the doctor to make sure the paints did not cause intoxication. Some paints contain lead which may cause irreversible brain damage. Never let your kids play with paints containing leads! Green poop in babies typically has a different cause.

Excess Iron

Foods high in iron or iron supplements may cause you poop to become green. That’s actually the reason why many women exclaim Why Is My Poop Green? during pregnancy - they have been taking iron supplements. You may want to reduce the intake of iron supplements or foods containing iron is such a situation. Ask your doctor about this if green poop bothered you during pregnancy.

Eating Green Diet? Welcome Green Poop!

Green foods like lettuce, peas, broccoli and spinach are a very frequent cause of green poop. If you’ve been eating much green, leafy foods your poop may become brownish-green because of the large amounts of chlorophyll contained in them. Generally, even green vegetables turn brown in the end when properly digested. If the green, leafy vegetables remain green when coming out of you colon, you might have had too much of them or they might have passed your bowels too soon, which brings us back to the first answer to the question Why us my poop green? you read in this page.

Green poop treatment: Is there and should there be any?

As you see, having green poop now and then may be normal and does does require special treatment unless the causes of the sudden poop color change are critical for your health. For example, if green poop becomes a continuous issue or combines with other unpleasant symptoms (fever, runny stools, abdominal pain) you should call a doctor. If you believe the green poop resulted from the change in food transit speed the issue may also require your doctor’s attention. If you believe that green poop results from diet peculiarities, just reduce the amount of food that gives green coloring and see if it works. Your bowel movements should clean up in a few days. We hope this information answers your question Why Is My Poop Green?