Green Poop in Breastfed Baby

What causes green poop in a breastfed baby? In most cases, the answer is as simple as this: you are producing too much milk and lactation need some correction . While making much milk seems to be a good thing, an overfull breast cause cause much discomfort to both the mother and the baby. Having much milk may result in the so-called fore and hind milk imbalance, which occurs when the mother allows the baby to nurse on each breast only for a few minutes instead of allowing him decide when he is full and does not need more milk. As a result of a such a nursing habit, the baby receives only the foremilk high in lactose. Inability to digest large amounts of lactose causes green explosive poop and colic in a breastfed baby. At the same time, lack of hindmilk high in fats results in slow weight gain and more frequent nursing sessions because the baby feels hungry again very soon. In addition, not allowing the baby to empty one breast completely before passing on to another increases fore and hind milk imbalance with excessive amounts of foremilk. As you see, on the one hand this kind of green poop issue in breastfed babies is quite a common thing that generally does not need a doctor’s attention. On the other hand, it is associated with much discomfort or even painful sensations for the baby, so the mother’s nursing techniques obviously need to be corrected.

So if your breastfed baby has green poop take a note of the following symptoms of fore and hind milk disbalance:

Your baby’s:

  • cries a lot, is fussy and restless
  • sputters, bites the nipple, chokes or burps during breastfeeding sessions
  • apparently feels uncomfortable during nursing - arches, holds himself very stiffly, displays a love-hate attitude to the breast
  • displays colic symptoms
  • poops frequently and the stool is green.
  • skin irritation because if acidic poop
  • slowly gains weight


  • have sore nipples
  • have frequent spraying or leaking of milk from your breasts
  • have constant feeling of full breasts
  • frequent plugging of ducts

Breastfeed only from one breast per session until it is empty. It’s ok if the baby is full with just one breast. If the other breast feels too full just let some milk out to relieve the feeling. If you have too much milk pump some before nursing your baby so that it receives both fore and hind milk. Drinking sage tea or using cabbage leaves helps reduce excess milk. We hope that helps resolve the green poop issue in your baby.