Bright Green Poop: What Does It Mean?

What does bright green poop mean? Should I call the doctor? or even Am I dying? Don’t worry. First of all, you are not the first and certainly not the last person to ask this question. People have been asking this question for ages, dying with fear inside and still unable to ask someone about this embarrassing issue, even the doctor. The Internet is a real blessing - you can resolve this awkward question fast and confidentially and find all the answers shared by other people, who, like your, once asked Why is My poop green?.

What causes bright green poop?

Bright green poop may owe it’s occurrence to a number of reasons, which may be both, a worrying sign urging you to visit your doctor for a checkup, or just a trick the food you’ve been eating did while passing your digestive tract. Also, the meaning of “green” also varies. In can be browning or yellowish green (more common) to neon green (see neon green poop page). The causes of bright green poop in children and in adults also tend to differ, you’ll see why if you continue reading. We’ll start with children.

Bright green poop in infants

Bright green poop in infants frequently occurs because of the so-called milk imbalance (in breasted infants) or because of iron in the formula (in formula-fed infants). If the baby does not display any signs of poisoning, like fever, diarrhea, it’s not a serious worrying sign. You may just want to correct your breastfeeding technique, consult the doctor about the formula. Jaundice in newly born babies may also cause bright green poop. You can find more on green poop in infants page.

Bright green poop in toddler

Bright green poop in toddlers is typically caused by 2 things: eating crayons or paints and eating foods that turn bright green in the intestine. Eating crayons is not something rare, all toddlers are curious to taste what looks attractive. Ask you kid if he or she has been eating crayons or paints, ask him or her to show the tongue. Be patient and kind, otherwise your kid may be afraid of punishment and won’t tell you anything so you’ll have hard times finding the source of green poop. Eating cookies of ice-cream with artificial dyes in the frosting is another common cause of bright green poop in toddlers (as well as in adults). Not a big deal by itself, such treatments, however are not healthy. Natural sweets, homemade cakes to chocolate with natural ingredients are much healthier treatment for kids and don’s cause that scary bright green poo.

Bright green poop in adults

In most cases, bright green poop in adults comes from having foods or drinks listed on neon green poop page or digestive disorders and bile issues. If you know for sure you haven’t bee eating anything from that list, didn’t starve or have food poisoning (with the following restriction in food), and bright green poop remains for days, you may want to see your doctor. The bright green color of your stools may be resulting from the bright green color of the bile that passes your intestine too fast to turn brown fron the interaction with the food and bacteria.