Green Poop in Dogs: When Its Time to Worry

Green dog poop may be a sign of a serious threat for your pet. Causes for green poop in dogs are different from those for humans and more often are a reason to worry, simply because humans wash hands and do not eat just anything they find on the ground or drink water from puddles. In you noticed green poop in your dog, pay attention to the smell. A foul, stinky smell is a bad sign which should alert you to watch for other worrying symptoms like fever, bad appetite or vomiting. Soft green dog poop or diarrhea need you vets attention.

Eating Greens

Dogs (and even cats) may eat grass or weeds from time to time, which may give the feces green color. If no other symptoms are observable and the green poop disappears in a couple of days, most likely there is nothing serious wring with your dog, although sometimes eating grass is a sign of upset tummy.

Green Poop Treats

Did you give you dog or puppy any new treats? Some treats may paint dog poop green to to dyes they contain, Variety Snaps, multi-coloured milk bones are known culprits. Pay attention to food quality you give your dog

Some low-quality dog foods may cause green poop (like Ceaser Dry Adult Dog Food).

Excess Iron

Excess iron in the diet is often tha answer why poop is green in both dogs and humans. Consult with your vet about it.

Green Diarrhea in Dogs

If your dog has green diarrhea, it could have giardia, a protozoan parasite. This is a frequent infection in dogs that love to swim, play or drink from pools, puddles, rivers or creeks because the parasite lives there. The biggest problem about this parasite is that once invaded, it remains in your dog’s intestine for a lifetime, forming a shell-like cyst around itself. Dogs with string immune system may display no signs of giardia for years. Dogs with weakened immune system, sick dogs or puppies quickly develop diarrhea that has pea soup consistence, abdominal pain, gas. Eventually, mucous and blood show up in the stool. You may have to take feces samples for several days to find the parasite cyst. The infection is treated with metronidazole, which kills most of giardia population during the flare-up. However, the infection can never be completely cured. Giardia can transfer to humans, so beware of being infected as well and take additional preventive measures, especially if you have kids. Pick up after your dog and dispose of poop to one specific place in your garden. Don’t let your kids play there or touch green dog poop outside, wash hands after touching the dog. Don’t make compost for your garden of sick dog’s poop. Poisining

Rodent poisons may cause neon green or bright green dog poop. The poison may get into your dog digestive system either if it has ate or leaked the poison, drank poisoned water or ate a rodent that had eaten poison. If rodents are a big problem in your area which is actively fought with and your dog or puppy has green diarrhea call your veterinarian immediately.