Green Poop in Adults: Causes, Symptoms, When One Needs a Doctor

Unlike with kids and toddlers, eating crayons or paints is not what causes green poop in adults. These are the causes that are typical mostly for adults:

  • Taking medications, such as laxatives or antibiotics may cause green poop in adults. This is temporary and green poop goes away once the medications are discontinued.
  • Intestinal malabsorption
  • Chlorophyll rich foods
  • Excess amount of Salmonella
  • Having stomach flu or other medical conditions

Dark Green Poop in Adults

In most cases, dark green poop in adults is caused by abundant consumption chlorophyll rich foods, like broccoli, lettuce, spinach and peas (the latter is also flatulent). If your diet is rich in these foods, green poop is not a reason to worry about. On the contrary, it’s a green light to go on with your healthy diet. However, if your diet is excessively rich in sugar, you may also produce dark green poop. If so, the amount of sugar needs to be decreased. Another possible cause of dark green poop in adults is taking iron supplements, which is common in pregnant women. Popsicles and packaged drinks may also turn poop green to black in color. Stomach flu sometimes also causes dark green stools, even after the recovery. If continuous dark green poop does not seem to be caused by any of the above, it could be food poisoning or digestive disorders that needs your doctor’s attention. Is dark green poop is combined with nausea, fever, diarrhea, rectal pain or constipation.

Bright Green Poop in Adults

Bright green poop in adults (or even neon green is in most cases caused by synthetic dyes contained in foods and drinks from a grocery store. Green, blue and even purple dyes in foods and drinks made so many people exclaim Why Is My Poop Green?. If you have been eating or drinking something listed on neon green poop page in large amounts, there is no reason to worry about your green bowel movement - the issue will be done with in just a few days after you stop eating the culprit. The shade of green color of you bowel movements may vary depending on what specifically you’ve been eating or drinking. However, please note that foods with artificial dyes should generally be avoided. Another cause of bright green poop in adults is digestive disorders that result in passing unconverted bile that gives bowel movement bright green color. The reasons why bile may remain unprocessed are numerous: rapid digestion of food, overproduction of bile, dysbiosis, infection, having too little food or starving. All these issues may need you physician’s attention. Lime green poop in adults has the same causes.

Light green poop in adults

First, light green is a an extendible color. If it is discolored, clay-like, than you need to call the doctor. Clay-like stools may signify serious liver gallbladder problems. For example, malfunctioning liver may be blocking bile flow of the gallbladder is not able to produce bile, the substance that gives your stools brown color after interacting with bacteria and foods, which results in stool color change. If you are taking certain medications, like statins, which may cause live problems, you stools may become discolored.As a rule, the solution is medication dose adjustment or switching to another medication. If your bowel movements are light green, you could be eating too much sugar, too little grains combined with or too many fruits and vegetables and little or no salt, which means that you need to correct your diet. We hope now you have an idea what green poop means