What Causes Green poop in Children?

Green poop in children may have different causes. Green diarrhea in children is the most dangerous symptom because it can be a sign of poisoning or infection, like Salmonella. If you child has poor appetite, low energy, lethergy, fever, vomiting and abdominal pains, you should call the doctor immediately. If green runny stool is not combined with any other symptoms, it may be attributed to foods like broccoli or laxatives, or minor bowel irritation with will go away in a couple of days. Just make sure your child get plenty or liquids and avoid dairy products.

  • Short bowel transit time is one of the natural causes of green poop. If fact, your feces are green all the way through the intestine until they pass through the colon, where they turn brown. The green color results from the bile, which is bright green and turns brown after interacting with food, salts and bacteria at the end of the journey. Passing the digestive system too fast doesn’t give bile enough tile to turn green. Rapid digestion may be caused by poisoning, infection, use or laxatives or foods that work as laxatives. The shorter colon transit time, the brighter the green color the bowel movements . That’s why bright green diarrhea in children can be a serious symptom that needs medical attention.

  • Green veggies. If your child have been eating green veggies, it could be the cause. The stools are typically mossy green. If so, just wait a couple of days - the green stools should be gone. Light green poop in children is usually not a reason to worry. It frequently occurs in younger children who are still breastfed when the child get too much foremilk and lacks hindmilk.

  • Foods High in iron or iron supplements give poop green color.

  • Medications may cause green feces in children. If you’ve been giving your child some medications, like laxatives, you may expect green green bowel movements. Make sure you child didn’t find some or your medications and taken them.

  • Bright green stool in children can be an indication of artificially died foods he or she has been eating the day before. Parents frequently complain of neon green poop in children the day after a birthday party or going to a cafe where the kids ate green or blue colored ice-cream, colored cookies or cakes with blue or green frosting. Kool-Aid almost never fails in dying kids poop neon green (more about neon green poop foods). If such situations, green feces in children are OK.

If none of the suspect foods have been given to your child, make sure he or she hasn’t had crayons or paints for lunch. Paints with leads are the most dangerous.

Light green, yellowish or brownish poop is natural stool color, which can be caused by specific green foods or bowel irritation. However, healthy stools should be all shades of brown. If green feces in children have unnatural shades, like neon green or blue, theses is most likely due to artificial dyes or medication.