Green Poop in Infants

Green poop in infants is a frequent problem. Read about possible causes and solutions below.

Green Poop in formula-fed infants

An infant with green poop on formula is a common thing. Green poop frequently occurs in formula-fed babies because of the iron in the formula fed. Poop color in an infant may vary from dark green to almost black. If the baby does not display any symptoms of constipation, discomfort or any other worrying signs, don’t worry about that green poop. However, tar black poop without any signs of green needs to be paid attention because it may the a symptom of intestinal bleeding.

Green Poop in infants from excess of fore milk

Green poop in breastfed infants may occur as a result of hind and fore milk imbalance which means that the baby receives only fore milk high in lactose which he is unable to digest. Excess lactose results in colic and explosive green poop. Read more about hind and fore milk imbalance and ways to fix it in the section green poop in breastfed babies

Green Poop in infants from dairy sensitivity

Diary products in the mom’s diet may cause green stools in the infant because of the baby’s sensitivity to dairy products. If you are not sure what exactly is the culprit, you may try to stay away from dairy products for a few weeks and see if the green poop goes away. If you still are not sure, have a cup of milk and see if green poop returns.

Jaundice causes green poop

Newly born babies with jaundice may let out greenish colored stools. Jaundice is a common physical condition in healthy newborns that occurs because of the immaturity of the baby’s liver which is unable to process all the bilirubin accumulated in the blood. Green poop goes away once excess bilirubin leaves the blood. Jaundice generally appears at 3-4 days from the birth and is gone in 1-2 weeks. Jaundice that occurs at any other period needs the attention of a pediatrician because it may be a sign of liver problems. Sensitivity to medications

In some cases, sensitivity to medications may be another reason why the poop is green in infants. If you or your breastfed baby are taking medications and the poop became green consult with your doctor. Infection.


Green poop combined with diarrhea in infants may be caused by an infection. Many young parents may confuse diarrhea and normal stools produced by newborns after each nursing during the 1st month. In you suspect diarrhea contact you pediatrician. and hind milk. Drinking sage tea or using cabbage leaves helps reduce excess milk. We hope that helps resolve the green poop issue in your baby.