Green Poop in Toddlers

Green poop in toddlers is one of the things that can make parent’s hair stand on end, especially if it’s bright or neon green, because normal healthy stool should be brown or yellowish brown. The thoughts about poisoning or other digestive system disorder, or even colon cancer are really hard to avoid. We hope this page helps you understand what might cause green poop in your toddler and, if necessary, get the medical help you need.

Green Foods - Green Poop

Green poop in toddlers may be caused by a diet rich in green fruit and veggies, like broccoli, lettuce, spinach, beans, or artificially colored foods. If your toddler eats a common diet, try to recollect everything he or she has been eating the last couple of days. Were there any foods that contain artificial dyes, like animal cookies, candies, green or blue frosting on a cake, colored ice-cream, or green leafy veggies and fruit? If there were, try to eliminate them from the diet for a couple of days and see if green poop goes away, just to make sure there is nothing to worry about. In such instances, green poop is not a big issue. Just make sure you toddler does not fall too much on artificially dyed and flavored cakes, candies and ice-cream, which are not too healthy.

Poop Magic: From Purple to Green

It’s not just green foods, food dyes or even crayons that turn poop into the scary green substance. And that’s the fact that nearly makes many parents panic and call all the doctors they know only to find out what gave their toddlers poop the sinister green appearance (while the toddler with green poop himself seems absolutely delighted with the new bright colors in the potty and displays no signs of health troubles). However, in many instances the culprit has nothing to do with the green color. Drinking large amounts of grape juice or other purple juice left many adults, not just toddlers, wonder Why Is My Poop Green? Purple Koolaid, grape flavored Pedialyte, Trix yogurt produced the same effect in many toddlers. Eating much blueberries may result in the same green poop effect (and also constipation, so be careful about giving toddlers much blueberries!) Although these berries are far from green in color, chemical reactions in the digestive tract turn the formerly dark blue or purple into the grass green.

Green crayons and paints

Green Poop in ToddlersToddlers love to taste whatever they find attractive. Are you sure yours didn’t dive a try to crayons or paints? Paints may contain dangerous substances, such as leads, which may result in severe health issues, such as permamnt brain damage. Beware of such “treats” in you toddler’s diet! If you suspect inedible toxic stuff to paint your toddler’s poop green contact a doctor to be of a safe side. If you have paints with leads, contact the doctor immediately!

Does your toddler eat enough?

Lack of food may cause green poop in toddlers. If a toddler vomits or has diarrhea, restricting food and giving fluids for a few hours is a part of the correct treatment. However, such a diet can make his poop turns green because of bile that is bright green in color. Bile is a substance produced by the liver that participates in food digestion, in the process changing its color to brown. As your child in on fluids, the liver continues to produce bile which has nothing to work on. As a result, the bile remains unprocessed and gives your toddler’s poop the notorious green color. If green poop appeared after the toddler has been unwell for some time and the refused to eat, it’s also not a big deal. Just give your child more food when he feels better. Many parents report occurrence of green poop when the toddler just refuses to eat anything but fruit, juices and milk for lengthy periods, and still remain healthy and full of energy. As a rule, such periods end with a period of an increased demand for food and extensive growth or the toddler, and disappearance of green poop.

Are you still breastfeeding your toddler?

With all the controversy surrounding breastfeeding toddlers and a trend to continue with nursing until the child weans on its own, a very small percent of toddlers remain breastfed. However, if you child is still in a relationship with the breast and you notice green poop, please check the article breastfed baby green poop which tells in what way fore and hind milk imparlance causes green poop in breastfed babies and how to fix the problem.


Green runny stools or continuous green diarrhea may be caused by an virus or any other infection. Such cases need the doctor’s attention.