Why Is My Poop Green and Runny?

Runny poop is not a healthy symptom. Green runny poop, in both adults and babies, may be a sign of gastro-intestinal disorder that needs to be reported to your doctor. Please, read the information below carefully and contact your healthcare provider if you have any concerns about your stools.

Green Runny Poop in Infants

Green runny baby poop is a frequent subject of concern for parents. Green baby feces do not necessarily mean that the baby is sick. Passing greeny-black stool in the first couple of days after birth is normal, this stool is called meconium and it’s a sign that the baby’s bowels start to work. Aside from meconium, bright green stools is babies are caused by breastfeeding issues. Milk imbalance may result in your baby taking too much lactose, which causes not just green poop but other unpleasant symptoms like colic and gases. You can read more about milk issues on the page green poop in breastfed infants. Once the issues are corrected, the stool obtains normal yellowish-brown color. Healthy baby stool is soft and loose, sometimes grainy, so inexperienced parents sometimes think that it’s runny and the baby has diarrhea. Babies may poo several times a day after or even during breastfeeding sessions in the first weeks of life, that’s normal. Soft stool is normal. However, very runny or watery stool is a warning sign and needs your pediatrician attention. Explosive, too frequent or too large amounts of stool are also worrying symptoms.

Green Runny Poop in Adults

Green runny poop in adults is a typical symptom of intoxication or infection. Runny poop ( diarrhea) is a sign of abnormally fast digestion, by the means of which your body attempts to get rid of the toxin or the infection that invaded the digestive tract. In other words, it’s a healthy reaction of the body on something that it doesn’t find healthy. In such cases, diarrhea can be the cause of green poop because the bile leaves you body unconverted. Whether you need to see your doctor or not, depends on how sever the intoxication is and how long the green runny poop continues. Quite often, adult patients complain of passing green stools after parties where they drank plenty of alcohol and mixed foods which should but be mixed, eating low quality products or foods they are intolerant to. Such a cocktail may not just make your stools runny but also give it a very strong, unpleasant smell. In addition, some of the foods and drinks, frequently served at parties, may also give you neon green stools without intoxication (for the list, see neon green poop page).

What to do when my poop is green and runny?

If you have fever, severe abdominal pains or notice blood in your stools call the doctor immediately! If you have no other symptoms besides the green runny poop, the problem can resolve all by itself in a few days is you eat the right diet. On day 1, you should drink plenty of fresh water and avoid all foods for 24 hours. That will help you avoid dehydration and at the same time let your digestive tract cleanse itself of the pathogenic invaders and toxins. On day 2, you may include rice, toasts (without jam), bananas, apples. Avoid all dairy products! On day 3, include steamed or boiled lean meat with vegetables and keep to this diet for a couple of more days. If diarrhea stops, your next step is preparing your bowels for digesting common foods by restoring your intestine’s natural flora. For this, eat natural yogurt with live active culture. In a few more days you may include dairy products.

All foods that cause runny stools or flatulence should be avoided until your digestion returns to its normal state.