Is it Bad If Your Poop is Green?

Is something seriously wrong with my digestive system if I have green stool? Is it poisoning or could i have colon cancer? In most cases, the answer is likely to be NO. However, much depends on what caused green poop and what preceded appearance of it. In certain cases, is a normal product of your bodily functions, is certain cases this is a reaction of a digestive problem.

Green Poop and Greed Veggies

In you’ve been eating a lot of green or leafy vegetables like broccoli, lettuce, spinach, green peas, than having green poop is definitely not bad, unless you have diarrhea or other intestinal problems. On the contrary, take it as a big green light of approval of you healthy diet from your body. Unless you have the problems that go next on our list...

Food passes your intestine too fast

Rapid digestion is another reason for having green poop. In this case, the poop receives its green (and sometimes even bright green) color from bile, a substance produced by the liver which is used for digestion of the fats and vitamins. The newly released bile is bright green but its color changes through yellow to brown as it passed the small intestine and interacts with bacteria and food. If the food passes the intestine too fast the unconverted bile still remains green, the faster the greener. If rapid digestion is new for your body it should be discussed with your doctor who will define why it’s happening and if it’s good or bad.

Please note that unconverted bile may also appear if you have been starving for some time or are little food. On of the common examples is being sick and drinking just fluids for some hours, without food. The bile has nothing to work on so it leaves your intestine green. Diarrhea also decreases colon transit time causing the poop to become green. Food poisoning makes you bowels work faster in order to get rid of the toxic substances as soon as possible.

Could you have gut dysbiosis?

Is it Bad If Your Poop is Green?Have you been taking antibiotics recently? If so, green poop may be a sign of dysbiosis meaning that the food is not properly digested and the bile is not converted because your intestine’s natural flora was killed and pathogenous flora growth increased. If that’s the case you need to consult with your doctor. You may have to have bacteria tests and will be prescribed the treatment for reviving your intestine natural flora. Additionally, a special diet helps increase the “good bacteria” count. The sooner you ask Why Is My Poop Green? and tale steps to combat dysbiosis, the sooner your digestion will be restored.

Did you eat or drink anything with food dyes?

If it’s the food that contains artificial green, blue, dark blue or purple dyes, which may turn your poop neon green as a result of a chemical reaction, on the one hand it’s nothing to worry about. On the other hand, foods or drinks with artificial dyes are not good for you health. So if green poop is quite a rare incident it’s ok, just remember that you body is not a trash can to dump just anything in it. If you are a frequent user of the foods and drinks with dyes you’d better make some corrections to your diet. You may read about foods, drinks and dyes that were reported to cause green poop in neon green poop section.

When having green poop is really bad?

Food poisoning or inflammation of the small intestine may also result in green stools. As a rule, is such situations you will experience any or several of the following symptoms: fever, constipation, diarrhea, weight loss or any other malaise. If you have any of these symptoms, the answer will be yes. Such cases certainly need your doctor’s attention.