What does green poop mean?

If the question were asked a bit differently, like Why is My poop green?, we would have suggested that the person who asked it is most likely an adult of a teenager. The problem is that people of different ages may have different causes for green poop. We hope this website helps you find the answer just for any green poop incident and relieves your worries or helps take the right steps or get the necessary help.

What does green poop mean in adults?

You can read about the most common causes of green bowel movement in adults at Why Is My Poop Green? homepage. Here is the brief review. The most common causes are:

  • green leafy foods (don’t worry about it),
  • too short colonic transit time (if you have discomfort you may want to consult with your physician),
  • poisoning (if your stool is runny in addition to being green),
  • eating specific foods and drinks that dye your feces green (that’s normal),
  • taking certain medications, for example statins, and laxatives.

Surprisingly, but the most scary neon green poop has the most harmless cause - certain foods and drinks that turn neon green after contacting with the bacteria and the bile in your intestine. Just read neon green poop section and if you have eaten anything listed on that page then simply wait a couple of days and green poop will be gone. Green vegetables, such as broccoli, may also give your poop green color. First of all, broccoli stimulates faster digestion, which decreases feces transit time and some of the bile may leave your body unconverted. On other hand, broccoli is green, so what you have at the input, the same you get at the output.

What does it mean in toddlers and kids?

Basically, all of the above plus eating crayons and paints. If your kid’s poop is bright green show him or her to the doctor to make sure the crayons were not toxic.

What does it mean to have green poop for a baby?

Both, breastfeed and formula fed babies can make drive their parents into panic searching for the answer to the question why is my baby’s poop green? The most dangerous cause of green poop in babies is poisoning. If your baby’s intestine is not well the green stools will also be runny and explosive and the baby will most likely have fever. If you notice such symptoms call the doctor without delay. However, the most typical causes for green poop in babies are milk imbalance (in breastfed babies) and iron (in formula fed babies). Also, in newly born babies have jaundice on the 3-4th day after birth because the immature liver is not yet able to process all the bilirubin contained in the blood. Read more about green poop in a breastfed baby

What does it mean when my dog’s poop is green?

Quite often, it’s dye from the treats you gave to your dog. If the consistence if feces is normal and the dog is healthy and eats well, it’s probably nothing to worry about. All dogs pass green poop now and then. If there any worrying symptoms show your dog to the vet.